In every generation there are those whose journey through life will have unique challenges, ones not easy to navigate. If you are one of them, this program is for you.

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For some, they are on a different path  because life circumstances has forced them to overcome challenges they cannot avoid.

They’ve had things like disabilities, labels, personal tragedies, family struggles, etc that make it difficult to just  do things that seem to come so easy for others.

For others, it is because they’ve realized something about their values, their character or their ambitions and desires, that makes them the kind of person for whom conventional accomplishments and experiences alone will never be fully satisfying.

They want more, because they need more.

They are the ones who care more, think more, aspire to more.

No matter what the cause, all share several challenges in common:

  • They experience challenges for which conventional advice and skills are typically not enough.

  • They are challenged to find guidance and help that truly makes a difference

  • Achieving some, if not many, of the conventional standards of life success, will not make them feel deeply fulfilled or satisfied.

They are on a different path.

They often feel alone; but they aren’t.

There are others.

Others who have been there…

Others who have figured things out, found ways to succeed and find deep satisfaction in spite of the obstacles.

If what you read here describes your challenge, this Mentoring program is for you… and will likely begin making a difference for you after just one conversation.

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