A few recent client stories:

Erec, 23, Austin, Texas – One of the youngest Camp Directors in America


Alexandra, 25, New York – Fashion Designer


Mark, 28, New York – Entrepreneur


Alex-Capretta-108x150Before I met Jeff, I felt as if several parts of my life (confidence, work ethic, relationships) were missing something.  I could talk to a girl, but I couldn’t tell her I liked her.  I could get started on work, but often I would stop at boredom’s arrival.  I could make friends, but they never really seemed to be people I truly wanted to call my friends.

My relationship in high school with Jeff was very important to me.  When things weren’t going well (with friends, school, sports, etc), Jeff was someone I could always talk to.  Most importantly, there was never an uncomfortable amount of pressure to speak with Jeff.  Over time, I gradually began to speak his “language”, which develops around the importance of unique, authentic relationships and always maintaining a positive “possibilities” oriented mindset, regardless of how stressful things may get.

He helped me stay mentally focused on my athletics, and eventually this led to me being recruited to play Lacrosse at a top Division 1 school. To this day,  I consistently apply advice from Jeff when dealing with my bosses, colleagues, peers, friends, and more.  I am forever grateful for the tools and mindset he has helped me acquire over the years, and he will always be a person of importance in my life.

Alex, 25, New York, NY ; Princeton  2012

“Our daughter has been transformed from a teenager who was struggling to barely get by, to a thriving and balanced young adult with ambitious goals and the discipline to achieve them. Jeff was able to offer her what no therapist or traditional specialist was able to do for her at a time when we all were desperate. We can’t recommend his services highly enough!”

Lee Ann, Parent, Mill Valley, CA

“Thank you for saving our son’s life.  The young man he is now on track to becoming is beyond anything we’d thought possible when we hired you after everything else had failed… The work you did with him in just a few months was nothing short of miraculous.”

Carole and Stefano, Parents, San Francisco
“Words cannot describe what happened to me after the one conversation you had with me Jeff. I truly feel as though I have experienced something totally beyond words. The work you did with me is something I will one day tell my grandchildren about. I feel as though what I felt was a crossroad in my life, now I have made the choice to move in a  direction. Where I go from here is not someting I question, I truly believe that everything is right again.
Jeff you listened to me and made me feel good about life again. I am forever in your debt. Your work is incredibly important and I will never forget you. If you ever feel a need to tell our story, please do. If anyone can take something from my experience, it would be my privilege. Last night I posed a question: If you can do what you did with me in just one conversation, then what could you do if so many more people had the chance to experience your work?” Just thinking about it inspires me.”
Zack O, 17, Chicago, IL 

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