You Want Deeper Connections

holdinghands You want and are ready for more mature relationships than is the norm for many people your age. 

This can mean deeper friendships (not just relationships of convenience) or finding true love and commitment, at an age when your peers still seem to be treating relationships like a game.  (* FYI: This is the most common reason people work with us *)

You realize either consciously or instinctively that this means you are going to have to do things differently, make some tough decisions and most likely leave some people behind.  You can’t have something new and different while holding onto everything stats quo.

Do you want to have your hand held and be coddled through this process? If so , than this is probably not for you.

Do you want to be challenged, inspired and reinforced with skills and a strategy that will help you to quickly adopt a way of life that will lead to kind and quality of relationships that will truly satisfy you? If so, then you are in the right place!