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Evolution Mentoring – A Whole New Paradigm: 

Unknown-2You can spend years spinning your wheels listening to bad advice or slowly figuring it out through unnecessary trial & error learning, or let us save you the hassle and get you there now:


 “A great Professor can teach you more in a one hour lecture, than you would learn in 100 hours on your own.”

Evolution Mentoring is a highly personalized, customized and primarily educational method for helping people get unstuck and quickly launched onto their own unique path in life. The growth and movement happens by learning: specifically by adding in knowledge, tools, skills and perspective, then supporting our clients as they integrate the learning through experience.

There is no psychological treatment of any kind. [Many of our clients tried psychological treatment at some point and it is either no longer what they need, or never was.]

Our clients need to add in what they haven't learned and internalized yet, not spend any more time spinning wheels trying to fix the past.


1_25_Advice_on_Seeking_Advice_285901961“A friend will typically tell you what you want to hear. A real friend will tell you what you need to hear.  Evolution Mentoring will tell you what you need to hear, in the way you need to hear it, so that it will feel do-able, appealing and make you ready to take action.”

There are steps people need to take to get from where they are, to what they want. Sometimes this means branching out. Sometimes it means letting go. Sometimes it will be difficult, scary and the fear of the unknown can easily become paralyzing.

Our clients need more than to just "know" what to do. They also need help becoming the kind of person who will take bold action and actually do what they need to do! That's what we deliver. 

Whether this is growing into someone who they aren’t yet, or tapping into something innate that they’ve lost contact with, our methodology will leave them connected, engaged and finally doing what they need to do to get the life they want.



 “For many Millenials, the future seems bleak and the unknown overwhelming… From Hunger Games To Harry Potter, Breaking Bad to House Of Cards, etc, the popular movies and books of this generation paint a distopian view of the world…  For our clients though, the future becomes a great adventure to be lived and explored.”

There are some things we must accept. Some of them are global, some internal.  We have the parents we have. We have the genetics we have. We have the history that we have. These cannot be changed.

We train our clients to organize their lives - both from the inside out and the outside in - to stack the odds in their favor to get what they want, IN SPITE OF what they cannot change and must contend with.

[Just think: If a boy needs a father in his life to become a successful man, Barack Obama could not be President. If a girl needs to be 5’10” 115 pounds to survive, find love and be successful,  Oprah Winfrey would not be the wealthiest, most influential woman in the world. ]

These mega-examples are just the grand expression of a truth proven billions of times over throughout history: Your life will amount to the actions you take, the attitude you have and how you bounce back from adversity.

Our clients develop the resilience, attitude and skills to find satisfaction and personal success, in spite of the challenges and odds.


“If you aren’t in control of where you are putting your attention, someone or something else is, and whoever or whatever is, probably doesn’t have your best interest in mind.”  

We are all overwhelmed with data, opinions and lies disguised as facts.

Now more than ever it is not just critical, but absolutely essential, that we master the art of being in control of where we put our attention.

Beyond the obvious of how easy it is to get distracted wasting time watching mindless youtube videos, is the less obvious – yet again critical skill – of how to filter through data to find what is valuable, and discard the rest.

Our clients get trained in the art of managing and sustaining their focus of attention.



whats-your-life-directionLife Direction is what emerges when you align your interests and fascinations, with your strengths, talents and natural proclivities…

Overwhelming evidence supports that when people are on the right path in their lives, it is easier to stay motivated, to persevere  when challenges happen and discipline themselves to push through the hard stuff to get to the rewards.

We help our clients to identify the right Life Direction to go that will lead to satisfaction. This includes both career and personal. 



communicateImagine if schools were as good at teaching relationship and communication skills as they are at teaching engineering and math.

No one who is psychologically healthy wants to wind up alone or in a relationship that brings them down.  Yet many people get stuck in a string of unsatisfying relationships, often simply because they lack the skills and the approach they need to find the ones that will really fulfill them.

Our clients are thoroughly trained in a skill set and way of life that leads to finding vibrant healthy relationships, including intimacy and lifelong commitment.



How It Works: 

Currently all services are offered 1:1 in private mentoring and training. Beginning in 2015 we will offer group Mentoring programs.

Initial meetings are always free of charge. You just need to inquire to request a phone consult, which is typically followed by an in-person meeting.

These initial meetings are to mutually assess whether what we offer is at match for your unique circumstances, and if you are an appropriate match for us.

We ONLY take on clients whom we are confident we can help and who are willing to make the kind of commitment needed to make this work.

Location Doesn’t Matter:

In this age of technology, we use skype, FaceTime, phone, text, email, as well as in person meetings to do our work with you.

This Relationship Becomes “Real”

Because life happens all the time, our clients have 24/7 access to us. Yes that means if you become a client, you can send us a text at 3am and, while we may not be able to answer in that moment and there are some limitations on how available we can be, you can be assured you will get a reply as soon as we can reply – typically within a few hours.

Clients call us in the midst of a challenging situation at work, from the bathroom at a party where they need a pep talk to go talk to someone they are interested in, from their car on their way home from work…

When we are in the same city, we can meet up for lunch or at our offices.

Our commitment is to offer what we can to help you overcome your challenges, learn what you need and grow into who you need to grow into to get what you want.

The Next Step Is Right Here! 

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You must take the next step on your own. The rest after that we will help you with, until you no longer need us by your side.

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