Is This Right For You?

Do You Qualify? Are you On A Different Path?

The answer is “Yes”  even if just one of these is true for you:

  • You want and are ready for more mature relationships than is the norm for many people your age.

    This can mean deeper friendships (not just relationships of convenience) or finding true love and commitment, at an age when your peers still seem to be treating relationships like a game.  (* FYI: This is the most common reason people work with us *)

  • You have had some realizations about life that have caused you to question almost everything about what to be doing and why.

    Whether this was an insight from a drug trip or something that emerged through an experience (like a relationship ending or a random conversation with a stranger that seemed also as if it was ‘meant’ to be, etc.),  or something that you came to because you have spent lifetime being more philosophical.   (FYI: *This is the 2nd most common reason people work with us  * )

  • You want your work to be something that is meaningful and gratifying in and of itself… something that is intrinsically rewarding.

    You are deeply driven by more than just the desire for financial gain. Not that you don’t also want financial success, but money alone will never truly satisfy you.  (FYI: *This is the 3rd most common reason people work with us * )

  • Your values make you feel like you are in the minority in contrast to those of the conventional culture. 

    It seems hard to find people who appreciate the same kinds of things you do, think similar to you or who are compatible with how you prefer to spend your time.

  • You have had to overcome challenges that are not ones faced by the majority of people – or at least not the majority of people most immediate around you. 

    These can be things varying from learning disabilities, family problems, personal tragedies, mental health challenges, developmental challenges, financial hardships, etc.

  • You are more sensitive than most people seem to be and tend to constantly feel things more intensely.

    This makes life rich and amazing, yet also makes it far harder to just ignore and move on.

  • You have serious ambitions to become an elite performer, not because of the desire for fame and wealth, but for the sense that it is only in having given it your all, that you can truly be content.

    This may show up in your desire to be an elite athlete, an elite soldier, a concert pianist or virtuoso, a writer, etc.

  • You feel like a “Late Bloomer”, only now beginning to be ready for some of the experiences your peers seemed to be having years ago.       

Whether it is when you felt ready to be sexually active, when you were ready to go to college or any other modern benchmark that seem critical but are actually arbitrary, if you find yourself on a different schedule for these kinds of life experiences, you are most likely on a different path.

  • You are ready to launch into your adult life, long before your peers – and you are sick and tired of feeling like a dependent kid. Perhaps you want to (or did) graduate high school early, start your own business, live on your own, run for political office when you are only 25, etc, but you are challenged to do so when your peers are nowhere near ready for this and the system in general is not designed to help someone like you.

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